Lost Antler Ranch

Lost antler ranch is a very special place to our family...

We purchased the ranch—situated upon a beautiful, 160-acre property adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park—over 20 years ago while looking for a place to connect and rest with family and friends.

The ranch is a place to take in natural beauty, settle into rhythms of rest, and receive creative insight. Over the years we’ve hosted everything from organizational gatherings and couples' weekends to family retreats and kids camps.

Our Beck family mission is to:

  • Glorify God by serving families

  • Help build healthy and loving families through changed lives

  • Serve Champions

By providing a space and catalytic environment for breakthroughs in relationships, vision, and strategy, we align to that mission.

The ranch offers many trails and pathways to hike and take in the pristine, organic reality of the Rocky Mountains—and who knows, you may just stumble on a lost antler or two, as the elk shed the old, make room for the new, and prepare for the journey ahead.

If you stay at LAR, we hope it brings you the rest, insights, and inspiration you deserve.

Together on the journey,