Lost Antler Ranch

Activities at Lost Antler Ranch


  • Hiking
    • The Yurt—roughly a 20-minute hike from the Lodge
    • Cow Creek Trail—trailhead at McGraw Ranch, just up the road from Lost Antler Ranch
  • Fishing (equipment provided)

  • Kayaking or canoeing on the lake (equipment provided)
  • Biking (equipment provided) *Biking on roads only.
  • Campfire s'mores *Guests are responsible for providing ingredients. Remember to check local fire bans!

  • Gym and spa facilities
    • Workout room

    • Steam room

    • Sauna

    • Outdoor hot tub


Property Guidelines

  • Check with your host on any fire bans prior to building a fire.

  • Only build fires in designated fire pits or fireplaces.

  • If using a grill, when finished, clean the grill, brush it down, and turn off the propane.

  • Park and drive only on roads and driveways; refrain from parking or driving in the grass or meadows.

  • Do not pick wildflowers.

  • Do not use firearms without special permission.

Property Map